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This is an epic undertaking. We have huge plans for the band & their music and for telling the story of their adventures. 

So, a crowdfund campaign is in the planning stages & will be launched just as soon as possible. We have some incredible pledge rewards on the cards. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity to be in on the ground floor of the hottest new animated band for years. Plus, it's an epic tale of adventure through time & space; of the battle for survival in a fallen world, of friendship, of good against evil, of magic & above all, of music. 

More news on the why, the when, the where, the how... will be coming very soon. (Sign up below to hear it all before anyone else.)  

Some of our goals.

A concept album - The Niamh Project: Journey to The Mountain


A graphic novel to accompany the album

A board game

A computer game

A film or TV series

Amazing merch - incl. action figures of all the band