Niamh Malone

The Singer

(Niamh pronounced Nee-ve,) Gets really pee’d off with people asking how to pronounce her name.

Human. Irish, feisty, outspoken Celtic misfit. Niamh is a maverick, a free spirit. Her origins are a bit of a mystery.

Likes owls, Bruce Lee films and knitting long, scruffy scarves for all the band that nobody wears except Travis & Spekky who is far too polite to say otherwise.

Travis The Blade

The Mascot

Band mascot and Niamh’s trusty sidekick & best friend. Dog of the Heinz 57 variety. Loyal, savvy, quick-thinking and fearless. Loves cheese, Jammie Dodgers and crossword puzzles. Lost one of his hind legs in an ‘incident’ involving Niamh. Now has a blade in place of his leg. Snores loudly during band practice. 

Wears his Mad Max/steampunk flying goggles and a scarf (yes, it’s one of Niamh’s efforts).

Neely B

The Guitarist

Grizzly bear….  Grumpy when he’s hungry, curmudgeonly, shy (except when he’s onstage and then he turns into Slash from Guns n’ Roses, even if it’s a country song!

Likes biscuits & playing online golf with his friend Archie in Taiwan.

Loves wearing his long duster coat as he thinks he looks just like Clint Eastwood in For A Few Dollars More

Spekky a.k.a. Specification 555

The Keyboard Player

AI/robot…..precise but clumsy, sweet-natured & calm under pressure. 

Likes the snow. Has hot flushes. Loves Downton Abbey and Strictly Come Dancing. Wears a lot of Scarves, hence the hot flushes! Wears a little black monocle and a pocket watch. Wants contact lenses.

Spekky was an obsolete AI, thrown into a large waste disposal container. Found by Neely B, he was rebuilt (using whatever was to hand) and saved from the crusher.


The Drummer

An alien (and somewhat feral) being from a now destroyed planet. Stranded for light years in an escape pod, he roamed the galaxy foraging for scrap. Came to Earth through a time/space anomaly and never went back, hence the intergalactic police are on his tail...literally. This dude is seriously cool. Has acquired an extensive collection of Reggae music, since coming across a time capsule from Earth-circa 1989 inspired his love of Bob Marley, Eddie Grant and Aswad.

Mischievous & uncontrollable.

Thaddeus Bowe

The Guardian

Owl, of the ancients.

Mysterious, often absent for long periods of time (or is he?) Sent to guard Niamh. Possesses magical powers. Shapeshifter and seer.