Meet The Niamh Project.

The sensational new genre-defying, time-travelling band! 

Jamais Encore

The Niamh Project

Debut single! Our time-travelling band land in Paris in 1989 for this sensational 80s-inspired synth-pop track. Out on all platforms 25th March. Get it here first!

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Fellow warriors!
The world has fallen, dark forces are at work & evil stalks the land.
Travellers tell of a place of safety, a place of sanctuary called 'The Mountain'.
Others say it exists only in the minds of the 'Enlightened ones'.
But we have to find out. It is our only hope.
So, to reach this mythical place, we must navigate strange locations & crack secret hidden codes.
Want to find out more?
Then join us on our incredible journey.
Are you in?